7 Ways Being In A Band Is Like Being In The Walking Dead

February 23, 2017


There' a few things in life I really enjoy. One is band, music, and being a music video director here in the UK (YES THAT IS ONE THING!)... the other is The Walking Dead.


It struck me when I was in the shower that what Rick Grimes and his crew have to go through isn't really that different to what hard working bands all over the world have to go through daily. Stick with me on this one... there is a lot of striking similarities!


If you don't believe me then just read on dammit!



1. You've forgotten what the normal world was even like

You've spent so long sat in a van, and living in perpetual darkness that you're not sure what life even is any more.


2. You have to scavenge for food


That £1.76 you've got to split 3 ways to buy dinner isn't gonna go too far... and the rider is a bag of crisps each.



3. You're used to being around the smell of unwashed humans and death

Let's face it, you're gonna struggle to have a decent wash every day if you're on the road. Or maybe your drummer just doesn't care any more.


4. You want out but the only option to do that is death

You've been doing this so long that the only way you can stop is if you perish.


5. Fuelling your vehicle is becoming increasingly difficult 

When the petrol money doesn't cover petrol money what do you do? Muuuuuum?


6. You never know when someone is just gonna steal all your stuff

You've always got one eye on your gear, even though it's stowed securely behind a table.


7. F##K NEGAN!

And seriously. F##K THIS GUY!!!


The Sign Off


Man I love The Walking Dead... maybe not season two because that wasn't too great but the rest I love.


If you wanna meet up in person and discuss the walking dead whilst shooting a music video the just say the word! Hit this CONTACT BUTTON to drop me a message or email me via adam@afitch.co and I will get back to you ASAP!


Also I am running a competition to win a lyric video... it's super easy to enter - just CLICK HERE and follow the simple instructions!


Until next time... I'm Adam Fitch and I make music videos...








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