Got Writers Block? Kill It Dead With These Effective 4 Solutions 💀✒

February 16, 2017

If you haven't sat with a pen in your hand, guitar resting on your knee, or laptop sat open on the table whilst you feel powerless and uninspired - then you're probably not a creator or an artist (or you're just supremely gifted).


I've been stuck in this situation many times for many different media of creativity. I've found some common links between the occasions that i suffered and I've found a few ways to combat that damned writers block AND SMASH IT TO BITS!


Wondering how you can become inspired to create again? Take these four solutions to lift the haze.


1. Treat yourself like a baby.


Are you hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Shat yourself (or just dirty)?

Eat a healthy snack, drink WATER, give yourself power nap, and shower. Renew yourself. Your mind needs your body to be feeling good.


2. Get out, right now.


I know it's scary and uncomfortable but sometimes you've just used all you inspiration and need to reset your brain. Find somewhere filled with nature to really clear your brain. It's probably a case of too much going on in your brain rather than too little that's the problem.




3. Go gold mining. 


You have scraps of paper, notes on your phone, and if you're organised you have a proper book. There will be some gems in there. There will be a lot of rubbish too - but we don't talk about that.


4. Don't be so hard on yourself.


These things happen. It's all part of the process. Every single writer, musician or artist has been stuck before. You're basically the same as Hendrix and that. Stay calm. Then smash it!

I hope these hints have helped you to destroy that invisible barrier stopping you from expressing yourself in the way that you desire. They help me on a weekly basis.



The Sign Off


Be sure to check out my other BLOG POSTS designed to help you create and grow... and laugh [maybe], and my PORTFOLIO of work too - we might be moments away from a beautiful relationship.


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Until next time... I'm Adam Fitch and I make music videos...



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